How to use a List block

Lists break up complex sentences or processes to make them easier to read.

How to use a List block

Bullet lists break up complex or confusing text. When you write a bullet list:

  • always use a lead-in line
  • use more than one bullet
  • ensure the bullets make sense running on from the lead-in line
  • use lower case at the start of the bullet
  • do not use more than one sentence per bullet – use commas or dashes to expand on an item
  • do not put ‘or’ or ‘and’ after the bullets
  • there is no punctuation at the end of any bullet

Use numbered steps instead of bullet points to guide a user through a process. You do not need a lead-in line. Steps end in a full stop because each should be a complete sentence.

Do not use more than one indent for bullets on a list. It makes it more complicated to scan and understand, especially for users with screen readers.

How to add a List block

To add a List block to your page:

  1. Click the plus (‘+’) button to add a block to your page.
  2. Type ‘List’.
  3. Click the ‘List’ option.
  4. Type your first list entry and press return.
  5. Repeat until you have typed all your entries.
  6. To change your list to a numbered list, click a list entry, click ‘Select List’ from the context menu, then click the ‘Ordered’ button.