How to use a Highlights block

A Highlights block emphasises information in a coloured banner across the page. 

How to use a Highlights block

The Highlights block is a coloured banner which can include a header and subtitle. You define the colour options for the Highlights block when you set up your site’s colour theme.  

A single Highlights block adapts to the width of the page window, for example:

Support with energy bills Government is saving households £1,300 on their energy bills this winter through the Energy Price Guarantee and Energy Bill Support Scheme. You may also be eligible for benefits and grants offered by the government and energy suppliers.

You can split a Highlights block into 2 columns, both of which will adapt to the width of the page. For example:

Climate is changing Each of the last 3 decades have been hotter than the previous one and the 7 warmest years on record have occurred between 2015 and 2021.

The Climate Change Act Britain’s Climate Change Act contains the world’s first legally binding national commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

You can also split a Highlights block into 3 columns which will adapt to the width of the page. For example:

1.2 million people migrated into the UK in 2022

557,000 people emigrated from the UK in 2022

Net migration was 606,000 at the end of 2022

Consider if you need to add this to your campaign site. It can make content visually interesting, but it can take up a lot of space on your page, especially on mobile. Find out how to preview your page on other devices.

How to add a Highlights block

To add a Highlights block to your page:

  1. Click the plus (‘+’) button to add a block to your page.
  2. Type ‘highlights’.
  3. Click the ‘Highlights’ option.
  4. Type your title text in the ‘Header’ box.
  5. Type your description text in the ‘Text’ box.
  6. Select the colour of your highlight from the drop-down menu next to ‘Theme’.
  7. If you want to add a column click ‘Add column’ and repeat steps 4 to 7.